Odelia #6 is here!

I didn’t even know what blogging was when I started blogging, so I certainly didn’t anticipate any of the wonderful opportunities that being the chief volunteer bottle washer at Practical Paralegalism would make possible, including speaking at numerous CLEs about newfangled topics like social media and mobile technology; co-hosting a monthly podcast with Vicki Voisin, The Paralegal Mentor; or meeting so many incredible legal support staffers across the country, personally and virtually.

Sue Ann Jaffarian, full-time paralegal and successful author of several popular mystery series, including The Odelia Grey Mysteries, featuring the world’s most fabulous, sassy and smart fictional paralegal, is one of the people I would have never met except for this blog.

First, Sue Ann graciously did a profile for me, then she even more graciously let me pester her to death interview her for a full-length feature article for Paralegal Today (Oct/Dec 2010), and then she was an informative and engaging guest on an episode of The Paralegal Voice.

And of course, Sue Ann provided hours of entertainment (as well as a new imaginary best friend, Odelia) as I devoured the first five books of The Odelia Grey Mysteries, one right after the other, like a box of really fabo chocolates. (Godiva raspberry truffles, if you must know what kind.)

While Sue Ann and I haven’t actually met, we’ve chatted virtually, via email, Twitter and Facebook, and she was so lovely and supportive during my daughter’s hospitalizations last year, following her progress on CaringBridge, and sending encouraging emails that cheered me immensely during those endless and scary hospital hours (as many of you did, too).

So Sue Ann absolutely floored me when she told me she was dedicating the sixth book in the Odelia series, Twice as Dead, to me. She sent me an autographed copy which I received this weekend and will always treasure.  I was amazed to see, “For Lynne DeVenny Craig, the paralegal’s paralegal” written on the dedication page. Having received so much pleasure – and as an adult, escape from the day to day stresses of the legal field – from reading good fiction, it was the ultimate honor to have an author I know and adore dedicate a book about the world’s coolest fictional paralegal, Odelia, to me.

And that, peeps, is the nicest thing that’s happened to me since I started blogging: the opportunity I’ve had to embark on some of the most rewarding new friendships of my life, simply because of this little corner of the blawgosphere.

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