So that’s what they did with all those extra Tribbles.

Huge Star Trek fan here, but even I can’t countenance turning a Tribble into a purse, faux or otherwise. But this one made me laugh when it turned up in my Shop It To Me personal shopper recommendation this week.

Really? Ya think it’s perfect for moi? ‘Cause incredible homeliness aside, this bag costs $1,816.50 (originally $2,595.00).

For my run-around weekend bag, I did recently buy a Sak Artist Circle Peace Tote at Ross Dress for Less that looks a lot like this one:

I’m not buying a purse made out of real fur or Tribbles.

My Shop It To Me Personal Shopper didn’t totally miss the boat. She knows I’d wear this Calvin Klein woven a-line dress, and already bought a grey Everyday Value Calvin Klein dress almost identical to it with a Macy’s gift card:

Bluefly ~ $89

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