Most of us know how hard it is to include regular exercise in a sedentary profession that often requires longer than normal work days, parked in front of a computer screen. So kudos to Stamford, Connecticut law firm Fox Rothschild LLP which sponsors a monthly drawing for a $200 gift card for employees who walk at least 4,000 steps a day.

Carole Lang, a legal assistant for the firm, was interviewed for a recent feature article in The Boston Globe, “Healthy Steps.” But she doesn’t walk just for a chance to win a sizable gift card:

Carole Lang, 66, a legal assistant at the Fox Rothschild law firm in Stamford, Conn., has been using an accelerometer provided by GlobalFit since March and says that while her firm provides a monthly drawing for a $200 gift card for those who meet the 4,000-step-a-day challenge, the prizes aren’t what motivate her to walk more. “I’m competitive with myself and can see how much I’ve walked today compared to what I walked in the past. I want to walk more each day because of who I am.’’

Silva Accelerometer Hiker via Amazon

For those of you, like me, that aren’t afraid to ask the newbie techie question, “What IS an accelerometer?”, one fitness blogger describes it as a “pedometer on steroids.”  A bit pricier than a pedometer, basic models start at $30 but you can spend a lot more.

Walking on your lunch hour, and at any other opportunity you get, is a free (unless you buy an accelerometer) and easy way to get away from your desk for a quick respite, relieve work-related stress inherent to the legal profession – and burn off some of that secret chocolate stash.

Source: The Boston Globe

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