My husband told me recently that I’ve been dressing a lot better. This is important, because he normally couldn’t tell you what I have on, even if he had a gun to his head. But my fashion-blog reading for working women is really paying off. I’m re-mixing my old clothes and accessories in ways that would have never occurred to me without inspiration from very stylish bloggers much better dressed than me. I’ve also been inspired to scour thrift stores for amazing deals.

I’m wearing clothes I would have never bought before, like the deep apricot-colored Gap strapless dress I found at a thrift store in Wilmington a few weeks ago, and paid a whopping $11.88 for (see below). I added a wide belt and wore it to the opening reception at the legal conference I was attending and a fancy restaurant afterwards. A lot of people asked where I got the dress – and for the location of the thrift store (right around the block from the hotel). I plan to wear it to work, with a cardigan or blazer, of course.

Like many of my readers, I don’t have a big clothing budget, but it’s hard to resist some of the summer clearance sales and holiday weekend sales, like 40% off everything at Loft. So I picked up a few deals, including a surprising grown-up find, a well-tailored, fully-lined Loft dress with a beautiful A-line skirt, at Plato’s Closet where I had taken The Teen. One irresistible feature of the Talbot’s full linen skirt is it has pockets (and normally costs $100 which I can’t pay for a skirt…or anything…). I couldn’t find the exact elasticized turquoise bracelet I bought at Forever 21 online, but they have a wide-selection in-store.

Patch Pocket Cardi in Cliff Brown 40% off (Loft)
Linen full skirt $26.45 after final markdowns (Talbots)

Forever 21 has a great selection of elasticized bracelets – perfect for small wrists!
Large Faceted Crystalline Necklace $4.80 (Forever 21)
Thrift finds: Gap dress $11.88, Loft dress $12

Those thrift dresses look way more amazing on people than hangers, I swear.

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