What do you do when you’ve worked for 30 years as a paralegal and have “had it” with the profession?

You retire, buy a pair of goats, and start a new business Goap & Etc., using goat milk to make soap and cheese, like former paralegal Shay Robertson, of Fountain, Florida, did.

This story caught my eye in no small part because I’ve wanted a pygmy goat my entire life, but they are definitely on the don’t list for the homeowners association where I live.

Robertson wanted to raise a single goat, too, but couldn’t buy just the one. She said she had to purchase a pair of does, because, “Daisy was hollering. I couldn’t leave her.”

Goats are pretty darned cute; Robertson shares a video of two spring kids, Ellie and Lamar, playing at her YouTube channel:

If you’re in the Dothan, Alabama area on Saturday mornings, you can visit Robertson’s stall at the Poplar Head Farmers Market. You can also follow her on Twitter at @Goap_Etc.

Source:  Dothan Eagle

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