I love lolcat language even though I have a bachelor’s degree in English, and most of my way more intelligent friends think it’s stoopid.

But this is how our fluffy four-leggeds would talk if they could. Right?

A little hammah time at work can be a great stress reliever.

So even if it’s not right, it was still way cool to stumble upon the site “learn to speak lolcat: the lolcat translator” at http://speaklolcat.com/. You can try it yourself, but I translated the following commonly used paralegal phrases (by me at least), and am wondering if a line of coffee mugs is in order:

Me:  This interrogatory is 17 lines long. My objection: What was the question again?
lolcat: Dis interrogatory iz 17 linez long. Mah objecshun: Wut wuz teh queshun again? [I think this will be well-received by opposing counsel in lolcat language.]

Me:  If you had mentioned this yesterday, it would have gotten done on time.
lolcat: If U had menshund dis yesterdai, it wud have gotten dun on tiem.

Me: Who’s been in my secret chocolate stash?
lolcat: Hoos been in mah seekret chawklit stash?

That last one is definitely my fave. Chawklit. Heh-heh.

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