Job Titles:  A) Paralegal Program Chair; B) Paralegal

Employers: A) Globe University, Eau Claire, WI; B) McKenzie & Talaska, P.C., Bessemer, MI

Years of Paralegal Experience:  16

Education/Degrees: Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees

Specialty Areas:  Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation

Career Highlight:  Becoming a paralegal educator, and having the opportunity to give back to the profession what it has given to me.

Future Goals You’re Working Toward:  Master’s degree in Legal Studies

Paralegal Practice Tip:  Use the jury instructions as a guideline for developing the case investigation plan, in order to ensure the gathering of relevant and effective evidence.

Favorite Internet Resource:  FindLaw,

Favorite Legal Software:  CaseMap,

Favorite Social Media Sites:  LinkedIn, FaceBook

Fun Fact:  My current quest is to conquer all the levels in Angry Birds. [Addendum:  Since submitting his profile, Jeffrey has worked through all the levels, and is now collecting golden eggs.]

Favorite Book:  The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

Cat or Dog Person:  I currently co-exist peacefully with one cat.

Recipe Your Family Begs You to Cook:  Spaghetti Soup

One Gadget You Can’t Live Without:  iPhone

Favorite Quote:  “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” ~ William James (American philosopher and psychologist, 1842-1910)

Paralegal/Legal Association Memberships:  American Alliance of Paralegals, Inc.,; American Association for Paralegal Education,; Paralegal Association of Wisconsin,; Chippewa Valley (WI) Legal Support Professionals,

Professional Links:;
Jeffrey’s profile reminded me that I got my 70-year old mom hooked on Angry Birds. Also, I want to admit that I first started playing Angry Birds on my smart phone app, and the screen is so small, or my middle-aged eyesight is so bad, that I thought I was throwing birds at cats, which seemed pretty darned awesome for birds everywhere.

Also, I really want to feature my readers in my weekly profile, not just paralegals, but all kinds of legal support staffers from all over the country. So if you’re game, the short questionnaire can be found at, and if your job title is not paralegal, simply change it to fit your job.

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