You know how it is. You’ve got that great paralegal job, with your own office and business cards. You are living the glamorous life of a legal support staffer, and all your friends are jealous (well, mebbe not so much), and then someone decides your office is the perfect location for THIS:

Photo submitted by “A Paralegal in Need of Trading Spaces”

No, it is not a fully-stocked mini-refrigerator, or a safe to keep your co-workers’ mitts off your Girl Scout cookies.

It’s an overgrown server case. Look on the bright side. It might have some room to store extra cookies.

Not being much of a decorator myself, if it were in my office, I would constantly be stifling the urge to cover it with bumper stickers, or maybe cool Chalkboard Contact Paper.

Thanks, Paralegal in Need of Trading Spaces, for sharing your space!

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