I’m pleased to confirm that the title of Tom Mighell’s new book, iPad in One Hour for Lawyers (American Bar Association, 2011), is pretty accurate in regard to time – if you’re a fast reader and have some experience with your iPad. If you’re using this excellent resource get your iPad up and going for the first time, plan for the afternoon.

The Getting Started section is a simple straight-out-of-the-box guide for brand new iPad users and tech anxiety sufferers. I wish I’d had this section when I first opened the box for my new iPad, and discovered it just held the device and nothing else, no magic, nada. It took me a much longer time to figure out some of the basics on my own than it did to read this well written, extremely clear book.

Even though I’ve had an iPad for a while, I learned a few new tricks from Tom about navigating the device, and multiple ways to secure it.

I found iPad in One Hour for Lawyers to be especially helpful in its discussion of creating content. This tablet device has always been an excellent way to read a wide variety of content, including news and books, but using it as a writing tool has not been one of its best reviewed features. Lately, I’ve been using my Apple Wireless Keyboard to take extensive notes via the Evernote app. I was actually reading Tom’s book and taking notes with the iPad (and writing the gist of this post) at the same time. I am pleased that Tom emphasizes the ease of creating content with a keyboard, as well as using a stylus, which I use with the Penultimate app to write notes on the fly.

As an iPad user that falls somewhere between a newbie and an expert, iPad in One Hour for Lawyers was most helpful to me in its discussion of productivity apps for legal professionals, and was well worth the purchase, especially since several lawyers in my firm are getting iPads and will read the book, too. Tom’s writing style and instructions are easy to follow, even for technophobes. If you’ve read this post and finally decided to make your first iPad purchase, make sure you order iPad in One Hour for Lawyers – and that you have it handy when you open the box. 
Tom was a recent guest on The Paralegal Voice podcast, What Paralegals Need to Know about “The Cloud.” He also blogs at iPad 4 Lawyers.

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