You guys already know that Practical Paralegalism focuses on paralegals and all other legal support staffers, as well as the attorneys that want to get to know us better. My goal is to share information my readers might find helpful for professional development, or simply a much-needed laugh during a hectic week working in the legal profession. Once a week (or less often when Life happens), I share links to a half dozen or so articles focusing on legal news and humor, practice tips, professionalism and career dressing, and technology.

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A USB flash drive for those who love their lipstick and their bling.

Here’s this week’s links:

Is Your Fear of Public Speaking Really About Public Speaking? Maybe Not. (The Estrin Report) ~ As a frequent public speaker, I am constantly battling my extreme shyness. I enjoyed Chere Estrin’s post about the reasons we fear giving presentations, as well as her humorous recounting of most professionals’ worst nightmare, a clothing mishap in front of our peers.

Mistakes Happen!!!! Don’t beat yourself up (Sessions with a Starr) ~ Virtual paralegal Pamela Starr links to paralegal Ana Pierro’s original post (The Paralegal) about mistakes, and reminds us that we all make mistakes, and the best way to handle them is not to make excuses, but to own up immediately, and then work on correcting them.

60 Apps in 60 Minutes (iPad 4 Lawyers) ~ Tom Mighell shares the excellent list of apps from the ABA Law Practice Management Section’s recent 60 iPhone and iPad Apps in 60 Minutes webcast. 

Reminder:  Email Disclaimers Are Annoying and Pointless ( ~ Most law firms use them, but how effective are they really, once that horse has left the barn? This post offers a few tips to handle that misdirected email.

Checklists in your law practice (LawyersUSA) ~ Jim Calloway’s article about the value of checklists, not only for complex matters, but more common procedures as well, is an excellent read. Practice management software that allows users to create checklists for specific events takes this critical case tool to the next level.

Ten Best Practices to Prevent Data and Privacy Breaches (PCWorld) ~ With advances in technology come more opportunities to inadvertently share confidential information. Reading tech articles like this one helps legal professionals stay on top of the latest in data security practices.

Finding office style (The New Professional) ~ Getting dressed for work day in and day out can be almost as tedious as summarizing depositions for weeks on end. This post gives some great tips and photos for creating a simple but professional wardrobe, making use of cardigans and belts, and re-mixing the basics.

You can do a lot with an Essential Cardigan like this one from JCPenney.

Favorite Practical Paralegalism posts from this time last year:

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