I won something, I won something!

I know, you’re thinking, “Big Whoop.”


I won the Pogo Sketch Stylus in iPad4Legal’s reject stylus giveaway from the “iPad Stylus Cage Match” post. I’m not even upset that it wasn’t New York attorney Patrick DiDomenico’s fave, and that it has a broken clip (which I didn’t realize ’til I just re-read the post).

Ten One Design Pogo Sketch Stylus – $6.99 (Amazon)

I already owned the AYL Newest Generation Slim Capacitive iPad Stylus (a gift from my hubby) and thought it was a bag o’ chips plus an ice cold can of Dr. Pepper. But when the Ten One Design Pogo Sketch Stylus arrived, and I moved the detachable tether from the AYL to the Pogo, I quickly figured out that the Pogo Sketch has an edge. It’s so light that it’s almost invisible when dangling from my iPad. I use the device constantly, and often forget that the Pogo is tethered to it. The AYL is much heavier, and tends to get in my way.

Even though the Pogo came in third place in Patrick’s cage match, it’s first place for me right now. I’ve had no problems writing with it, and it gets major bonus points, because I never notice it hanging from my iPad when I’m reading a book in bed at night.

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