Truly, I wish there hadn’t been a recent run of bad romance stories featuring paralegals in the national news. First, you’ll be terribly shocked (okay, you won’t be) to learn that Michigan paralegal Cheryl Gray’s lawsuit against her Facebook love interest was dismissed.

Now a convicted murderer in Florida says his former (and third) wife, a paralegal, hid the paperwork he needs to pursue an appeal. You can get the sordid details via the Orlando Sentinel article, but he has filed a 2007 letter with the court, allegedly from his now ex-wife, the paralegal, saying she’d burn his paperwork unless he signed divorce papers.

Maybe this article should serve as a reminder that paralegals shouldn’t date and marry incarcerated peeps they meet at work. The convict was serving two life sentences for murdering his first wife and her new husband in a jealous rage, when he met the paralegal, the researcher for his attorney at the time. According to her letter, she gave him her heart; according to court papers, she also gave him $20,000 for legal fees, a $300 monthly allowance – and new teeth.

As a paralegal for over 20 years, with a severe case of OCD when it comes to organizing documents, I am pretty much genetically incapable of hiding court papers, but if I was ever compelled to do so, I sure wouldn’t document it in writing.

Talk about bad romance…

Source:  Orlando Sentinel

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