Here are 10 more great paralegal practice tips from legal support staffer profiles that Practical Paralegalism has been honored to share over the past several years:

Paralegal Practice Tips 11-20

11.  Take pride in your work and have a passion for excellence. ~ Lino Rivera (Texas paralegal)

12.   To avoid missing deadlines, confirm and tickle due dates from the lawyers. ~ Jessica Johnson (Tennessee paralegal)

13.  Develop the seed of doubt, and nurture it. If you are not 100% sure something has been done, verify it. If you are not 100% sure of the rule or statute, verify it. ~ Christina L. Koch, ACP (Nebraska paralegal)

14.  Always have pen and paper handy. You never know when that attorney is going to give you something to do. ~ Kristina Duncan (Washington, DC paralegal)

15.  Whether you work in-house or for a law firm, make sure the attorneys with whom you work are aware of your abilities and use you to the fullest of your potential. ~ Amy Bernardino (California paralegal)

16.  No matter how long you’ve been a paralegal, you’re only as good as each lawyer you’re working for believes you are. ~ Denise Annunciata (Massachusetts virtual paralegal)

17.  Law is a team effort. Be competent in everything paralegals can do, so that the attorney is better able to focus on those things that we cannot do; these efforts will practically guarantee that every team member is utilized for a maximum benefit to both the firm and its clients. ~ Melissa Hinote (Tennessee paralegal)

18.  Continue to educate yourself in your chosen practice area as well as other areas of interest by attending CLEs (including in-person events and webinars); subscribing to listservs; considering social networking; and scheduling some “face time” with others in your area of expertise as well as other areas of the law which interest you. ~ Mianne L. Besser (Colorado paralegal)

19.  Organize, organize, organize! You may spend time upfront organizing, be it your address book, a document file, or your calendar, but the time you will save in the long run is immeasurable. ~ Michele Flowers Brooks (Texas paralegal)

20.  Maintain and diligently follow a higher standard. Know your ethics! ~ Laura Alvarez (Arizona freelance paralegal)

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