This is a blog for paralegals, legal assistants, legal support staffers with other job titles, paralegal students and educators – and the attorneys that want to get to know us better. I try to share information readers might find helpful for professional development, or just a much-needed laugh during a hectic week working in a fast-paced legal environment. Once a week (or less often when Life happens) I share links to a half dozen or so articles focusing on legal news and humor, professionalism and career dressing, practice tips and technology.

I also share links of interest (and the random thoughts of a gainfully employed paralegal and mom to a teen) at Practical Paralegalism’s Facebook page, and at my Twitter feed, @ExpertParalegal. (I’m also on Google+, sort of.)

Wanna hold hands with your iPhone? Me neither.  (Thanks, GadgetBox!)

Here’s this week’s links:

Work-Life Balance for Paralegals (Superlegal Fun) ~  An anonymous paralegal/superhero/blogger shares a great post about the various sources of stress in a legal environment, a must-read for students and newbies.

Lying Clients (Paralegal Ethics) ~ I can’t think of too many professional disappointments more crushing than discovering a client, especially one you’ve fought hard for, has lied to you and your firm. But I’m going to answer Texas paralegal and author Ellen Lockwood’s question about the steps we take to avoid unpleasant surprises in a separate blog post.

Can You Hear Me Now? (Ms. Austen’s Cubicle) ~ I’m a fan of this new blog by an anonymous legal assistant for a midwestern law firm, in no small part because she writes like Jane Austen would if she was a legal support staffer. Many of you can probably relate to the joys of cubicles and noisy co-workers.

Paralegals Dealing with Stress – Cause for Crazymaking? (The Paralegal Society) ~ I hope you’ll add this new collaborative paralegal blog to your RSS feed readers, too. There’s lots of good advice from experienced professionals.

Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Google+ (Plugged In Lawyer) ~ I’ve got my Google+ profile. Now I need to start using it more frequently. Have you checked it out yet?

Easily Find the Serial Number of your Computer (Digital Inspiration) ~ Good stuff to know. Plus, I’m too old to crawl around under my desk without adverse consequences and help getting back up.

Transitional Cardigans from Summer to Fall (WorkChic) ~ If I tell you how many cardis I own, I’ll have to kill you, but that’s how essential I think they are for a working wardrobe. On Friday, I even saved the day for a supervising attorney by loaning her my cardigan to wear over a sleeveless dress for an unanticipated trip to the courthouse. While the cardis shown in this post are a bit pricey for legal staffers, you get the idea.

This Merona cardigan from Target ($24.99) is a keeper.

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