Jennifer Watford

Job Title:  Paralegal

Employer:  Young Moore and Henderson, P.A., Raleigh, NC

Years of Paralegal Experience:  11

Education/Degrees:  BA, Political Science, Law and Legal Philosophy Concentration (NCSU); Paralegal Certificate, Civil Litigation Specialty (Meredith College)

Specialty Areas:  Civil Litigation Defense

Career Highlight:  Winning the first ever “Rookie of the Year” award by Paralegal Today (formerly Legal Assistant Today) Magazine in 2003

Future Professional Goal:  Achieving the ACP designation through NALA.

Paralegal Practice Tip:  I have a couple. The first is proofread. Sometimes our fingers are much faster on the keyboard than our heads have time to process. It’s also easy to have reviewed something to death and you “read” what is not actually in the document, but what is in your head. The second is a positive “can do” attitude goes a very long way.

Favorite Way to Deal with Work-Related Stress:  Kick back and watch an episode or two of Wonder Pets with my kids. That show has some good life lessons, and that Ming-Ming is too cute.

Greatest Strength as a Legal Professional:  Attitude, followed closely by organization.

Favorite Internet Resource:  WedMD, (I assist with personal injury cases, so having WebMD on standby has helped me achieve my pseudo-MD.)

Favorite Legal Software:  Summation,

Favorite Social Media Site:  Facebook. I am able to reconnect with people from high school, people I meet at CLEs and on vacation, and colleagues.  I enjoy reading other people’s postings. It’s reassuring to me that so many of us experience very similar situations, but how we respond to them is so different (and often hilarious).

Fun Fact:  I can raise my left eyebrow with extreme precision when needed for emphasis.

Last Book You Read:  The Case for Christ

Cat or Dog Person:  Dog. I lost my sweet dog of 15 years last September. Harley was the absolute sweetest beagle that has ever lived.

Harley, the Absolute Sweetest Beagle that Ever Lived

Recipe Your Family Begs You to Cook:  Squash casserole (I’ve been told it’s better than granny’s).

One Gadget You Can’t Live Without:  My iPhone. It supports my ADD. I can make a call, check emails, update my status on Facebook, follow Kim Kardarshian Lynne DeVenny on Twitter, and listen to music nearly all at the same time. Next up, ruling the world.

Favorite Quote:  “In three words I can sum up all that I have learned about life: it goes on.” ~ Robert Frost

Paralegal/Legal Memberships:  Raleigh Wake Paralegal Association (RWPA), N.C. Bar Association Paralegal Division

Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your terrific profile. Now, can we have that squash casserole recipe?

If you’re a legal support staffer, I would love to feature you in Practical Paralegalism’s weekly legal staffer profile, because this blog is about you, not me.

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