One of our associates asked me if I knew where she could get a first generation iPad (iPad 1) at a reasonable price. She wants the first generation version particularly for its lack of a camera so that she can use it in federal courthouses. She was finding the prices a bit steep on eBay and Craigslist.

I found out yesterday that Apple had a brief run on refurbished iPad 1s over the weekend – at $299 apiece. Wow! Of course, they’ve sold all those. But they still have great deals for $399. I sent our associate the link to Apple’s refurbished iPad 1s, and she is going to snag one.

Here’s the link:|GOUS&cid=AOS-US-KWG

One of our other associates already has an iPad 1, and wonders if she can use it with the free texting TextPlus app (she paid .99 cents to get a number with our area code) to get around Social Security hearing offices’ ban of cell phones with cameras. Anyone out there already doing this?

Any readers know of any places to get a better deal on iPad 1?

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