If you see this sign, you might not be in a lawyer’s office.

If you meet your lawyer for the first time at McDonalds and pay a $36 retainer fee to get your kid transferred out of jail to a psychiatric hospital, you’re probably not dealing with a real lawyer.

Thankfully, in the case of Texan Kimberly “Sugar Bear” Giacone, charged with the third degree felony of holding herself out as a lawyer, she’s not a real paralegal either, although she wants to be one.

Oh, good, that makes this better.

The KTRE news story, “Lufkin woman accused of posing as lawyer at McDonalds,” is a textbook UPL scenario right down to the fake lawyer letterhead.

What can you say? Bless that poor gullible lady-who-gave-$300-more-dollars-to-Giacone-before-she-got-busted’s heart?

Source:  KTRE

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