Everybody knows an earthquake shook the East Coast yesterday afternoon, and apparently, everyone felt it but me:

But I was gratified to see a number of other paralegals quoted in online news stories – who didn’t miss the thrill.

Department of Justice paralegal Matt McCrobie told The Palladium-Times:

It shook much stronger and we just stood in the nearest doorway. It lasted a few seconds. Some of my co-workers said that they had pictures or picture frames fall off their walls, it was so strong. After that, the fire alarms went off to evacuate the building, people were running down the stairway. There’s a little park across the street from my building, and people were going there, so it wasn’t like we were standing right under the building. We had a little space to move.

Ah, nothing like a stroll in the park to clear your head during a hectic work day.

Syracuse paralegal Linda McLean told Syracuse.com that she thought she was having vertigo and felt her chair going back and forth. She and her co-workers spent a little time in a stairwell.

Definitely not a walk in the park.

Halley Pack, a paralegal who works in downtown Washington, told the Tuscon Citizen that she was getting ready to work out in the gym of her building and mistook the earthquake tremors for a headache. A co-worker worried the filing cabinets would topple on them.

Yet another fine reason to go paperless.

Did you feel the earth move yesterday?

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