I love Avon products, and I love news stories like this one where a savvy legal support staffer exposes the bad guys.

Marilyn Mills, an Avon salesperson and a legal secretary for Forman Perry Watkins Krutz & Tardy in Jackson, Mississippi, was suspicious when she received two money orders, each in the amount of $925.17 from an alleged Chicago modeling agency, purporting to buy $138 in Avon products for an upcoming photo shoot.

But the money orders were also accompanied by an email from the modeling agency saying (more or less), “Oops, we overpaid you; could you refund the difference?”

Oh, yeah, sure, I’ll just run down to the bank, and wire that $1,700 overpayment right back to ya.

That’s not what Mills said either. The Jackson Clarion Ledger reports that she ran down to the local U.S. Post Office instead and showed them the money orders, which were good forgeries, but not good enough to fool the Postmaster.

This Wild Elephant Pendant wants to live at my house. (Avon)

Now the situation is in the hands of federal authorities, thanks to Mills’ suspicions, as well as Avon’s warnings to its sales representatives to be wary of online scams.

Way to go, Marilyn! 

Marilyn’s Avon home page can be found here

Source:  Jackson Clarion Ledger

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