Here are 10 more terrific practice tips from legal support staffers whose profiles Practical Paralegalism has been privileged to share over the last several years:

31.  Never stop learning! ~ Daphne Drescher (California paralegal)

32.  Wear comfortable shoes! ~ Lorie Smith (North Carolina paralegal)

33.  When you work in-house, your clients are your colleagues – so strong communication skills and the ability to play nicely with others is essential. ~ Susan Winters (Nevada legal assistant)

34.  Tackle the hard or difficult tasks first – don’t procrastinate. It is much easier to handle arduous duties when you are full of energy, making the rest of your tasks a breeze. ~ Patricia Infanti, PP, PLS (Pennsylvania legal administrative assistant)

35.  Ask for help and delegate to others when necessary. ~ Olivia Burgess (Mississippi paralegal)

36.  Learn Excel. Excel does so much more than crunch numbers for you. Indexing production, working on time lines, putting together important facts, creating charts and graphs  – it’s all so easy in Excel. Learn it, use it, love it. ~ Haley Odom (Texas paralegal)

37.  Find and USE a mentor who is a consummate professional with wonderful leadership qualities. Try hard to emulate that person. Even better – find several mentors. ~ Virginia Burrows, CLAS, NCCP (North Carolina paralegal)

38.  When doing PI work, never overlook the medical bills. On more than one occasion, I have found proof of an injury that was not mentioned in emergency room records but the invoice showed that a brace was applied or crutches given. ~ Charlene Healy, RP (Pennsylvania paralegal)

39.  Calendar EVERYTHING! And never put a file back on the shelf without setting a date to look at it again. ~ Georgette Lovelace, RP (Connecticut paralegal)

40.  Write it down (but not necessarily on paper). When attorneys give oral assignments, I make a note right away so the task is clearly defined (and not forgotten). ~ Tracey Young, RP (New York paralegal)
If you’re a legal support staffer, I’d love to share your professional profile (this weekly feature does not work without you!). See the quick and easy questionnaire at the top of this blog.

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