Last year I perused the fashion blogs and longed for a pair of dressy Oxford shoes with heels, but living in a fairly conservative area of the country, we don’t tend to get the latest fashion trends until two years later. I couldn’t find any, at least reasonably priced, online or in local stores. But last week, The Teen bought a pair of flat Oxford shoes for school, and advised me that Rack Room Shoes had some with heels.


You know I used my Labor Day holiday productively to aid the economy and score the only pair of new winter shoes I’ll likely buy this year, since I already own basic black heels and boots:

Black Suede Pesaro Newsboy ~ $34.99

These will be perfect for my ubiquitous black winter tights or slacks. What can I say? This paralegal gets cold easily.

I also donated to the Rack Room Shoes That Fit program, which the store manager assured me uses 100% of funds received to provide new shoes to children in your community.

What are your perfect winter shoes for the office?

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