You’re living under a fashion rock if you haven’t heard of Banana Republic’s Mad Men Collection yet. I oooohed and aaaaahed over it, but couldn’t afford any of it, except the double strand of pearls from the collection I scored a couple of weeks ago, 40% off. So when I got an email yesterday that BR was having another 40% off sale I thought it would be a good time to recommend my favorite accessory purchase of the year to my readers.

But they’re GONE! Yep, that classic double-strand of nicely weighted pearls in three different colors from the Mad Men collection is no longer there. As much as I love mine, I suspect they sold out online, at least for now.You might check your local Banana Republic store, which is where I first laid eyes on them.

Not to torment y’all, but this is what they look like:

The perfect faux pearls

If there was a fire at my house, I swear I’d grab what Dear Hubby likes to refer to as my over-priced Apple products and these pearls if I couldn’t save anything else. They go with everything.

Seen a great set of reasonably priced faux pearls for work? Send me the link! (I’ll also keep an eye out for you guys to see if BR offers these again online.)

P.S. Update on the pale yellow BR cardigan I got on sale. I love it! And so did my boss, because she ordered one, too 🙂

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