Louanne Romaneck, a Connecticut paralegal with several decades of legal and bookkeeping experience, makes a unique difference in people’s lives as “The Budget Lady,” helping others develop household budget plans to improve their quality of life. On September 27, 2011, she’s giving free budget advice at the Salem Free Public Library (which also offers ballroom dancing classes. Way. Cool.)

Romaneck also has a website, The Budget Lady, for her budget-planning business. She offers self-help services at her site as well, including a household budgeting chart. In her site bio, she describes how her legal experience contributes to her budgeting skills:

In my 28+ years as a Legal Assistant, I have continuously maintained business accounts, including monthly bank reconciliations, maintenance of Clients Funds accounts which requires stringent accounting skills, accounts payable and receivable, preparation of business tax returns and business tax deposits, I have maintained close working relationships with business accountants, and as a Probate Paralegal, I have administered multi-million dollar decedent estates from onset through closure of the estate.  With the use of Excel, I have created a multitude of spreadsheet forms over the years which have not only helped make my job easier but also the jobs of co-workers.

According to Romaneck’s LinkedIn profile, she is currently employed by Hersh & Crockett in Hartford, Connecticutt.

I’ve recently become a huge Excel fan and have incorporated it extensively into my daily tasks, but I bet Louanne Romaneck could teach me a few new tricks, about both Excel and budgeting!

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