Annalisa Scalia (via Photo News)

I was saddened to see an obituary for a young paralegal, Annalisa Marie Scalia, of Campbell Hall, New York, who died last week at only 27 years of age. In addition to being a paralegal for the Children’s Rights Society, headquartered in Goshen, she was also a licensed paramedic, and the first certified female firefighter for the Monell Engine Company Firehouse in Washingtonville.

The Children’s Rights Society, Inc. (CRS) is a non-profit organization that provides legal services for children in Orange County. The organization’s mission is to “secure justice for and to protect the rights of the children we represent.” 

One of Scalia’s colleagues at CRS, staff attorney Victor Guzman, wrote the following at her online guestbook:

Though I only knew her a short while at The Children’s Rights Society, she had a passion for life. She was always cheerful and willing to assist you any way she could. I always looked forward to calling the office because she was always so cheerful. She will be sorely missed!

In addition to a passion for living, Annalisa Scalia clearly had deep compassion for, and a desire to help, other people. My heart goes out to her friends and family for the tragic loss of this spirited and gifted young person and paralegal.

Sources:  The Photo News, CRS

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