I love this picture from The Palm Beach Post, showing plaintiff and mother Ana Mejia hugging attorney Robert Bergin’s legal assistant, Kellie Aquino, after a jury returned a $4.5 million verdict in a medical malpractice trial in Palm Beach County Circuit Court in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The feature story itself makes interesting reading, discussing a heartbreaking situation where Mejia’s son, now a toddler, was born with no arms and one leg. Plaintiffs’ counsel contends that medical providers were negligent for not detecting the catastrophic disabilities prior to birth, and monies recovered are intended to cover the costs of medical care over the child’s lifetime. The defendants plan to appeal the award.

The photo shows the close relationship that litigation paralegals and legal assistants often develop with clients during the course of a trial. So often news stories show only the winning attorneys at the conclusion of major trials; it’s wonderful to see another key member of the trial team, the legal assistant whose hard work and special skills also contributed to the win, featured as well.

Source:  The Palm Beach Post

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