You know how I like to blog about the oh-so-unrealistically attractive paralegals, legal assistants and other legal staffers featured in television legal series and movies. Because it’s fun, and you know, that’s really how we want to be portrayed to the masses.

Okay, maybe not so much, but some of you have forgotten to mention that you’re just as good-looking as those fictional legal staffers. Take UK qualified legal secretary Louise Cliffe, for example.

Here’s her picture:

Louise Cliffe via The Mirror

I know. *Gasp*

But you can relax, because underneath the model/actress exterior, she’s just like us, enjoying beer and gravy, and  listing her favorite luxury items as chocolate and her bathrobe.

You can watch Louise on the reality TV show Big Brother 2011 (UK), which makes her almost a fictional legal staffer, but better. The Teen advises me that television drama is no good without cat fights and some weave gettin’ ripped out.


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