The team from the District Attorney’s office, James Ransom II, the assistant District Attorney, and his talented experienced Legal Assistant, Susan Bush, as well as the District Attorney, Michael Jackson. My son’s case was well represented by this group. They kept our family well informed of the ongoing investigation in all the proceedings and did a professional job. Thanks for a job well done! ~ Excerpt from a letter to the editor that the family of Thomas Duane Banks wrote to the Tuscaloosa News.

The family of Thomas Duane Banks, who died in a workplace shooting in October 2010, has been through a horrific tragedy, but still found the time to write this poignant and thoughtful letter acknowledging the efforts of Alabama law enforcement officials and members of the Bibb County District Attorney’s office for swiftly and successfully prosecuting the murder case.

They acknowledge the help and comfort that were provided to their family, as well as a level of compassion “way beyond the call of duty.” That they also acknowledge the talent and experience of a legal assistant is a special kudos for her work on the case, and recognizes the key role she played in this family’s experience of the legal system.

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