While researching a licensee, I happened to run across a list of occupations and activities that must be licensed or permitted by The North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services. Much of the list did not surprise me, but a few unusual activities requiring regulation caught my eye:
  •  Chick Dealer (I get Egg Dealer.)
  •  Permit to Transport Inedible Materials (Yuck.)
  •  Quail (This has to do with dressed carcasses. I’m giving up quail. Wait, I’ve never eaten quail.)
  • No Quail Casserole for me, thanks.
  •  Retail and Wholesale Frozen Dessert (Now I can sleep at night.)

This is one of the nicest things about being a paralegal. You never stop learning new stuff ;P

Best Reader Comment:  “…Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like the “ping” of shotgun pellets hitting the plate as you pull them out of your meat.” ~ Grumpy Humbug

What odd activities are licensed by your state’s agriculture or consumer divisions?

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