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Educator Alan Singer has written a thought-provoking post for the education section of The Huffington Post, “You Are Not Getting A Teaching Job Through The New York Times,” which I of course like because he supports my previous blog rants posts warning paralegal wannabes about online for-profit paralegal programs that promise students sure shots at the alleged plethora of legal support staff jobs just begging to be filled, if you only have the right degree – their degree.

The article includes a lengthy quote from BG in California, an anonymous participant in a blog forum (which may be a generous term for three comments), who issues a particularly harsh warning against embarking on a paralegal education:

….The reality is that paralegals are dependent on lawyers for a living and that law is one of the worse fields to be in right now. Not only is legal work being outsourced and in short demand, but some of the software they have our right now and developing could very well replace lawyers and paralegals over the coming years. Factor in the legal self-help products on the internet and the future looks rather bleak.

Anyone thinking about a career in the paralegal field is not playing with a full deck. You can save time and money by not choosing a career that is on its way out. It doesn’t matter what type of paralegal credential you have, jobs are in short supply and without any experience, you will not be hired.

Save your hard earned money and look for a better career path where at least you might find a job. Anything else is wishful thinking.

BG does not mince words, but has some valid concerns. You guys know what I think, i.e. that becoming a paralegal is do-able but definitely challenging in this economy, and people considering a paralegal education need to do their homework and understand the realities – and demands – of today’s legal field.

But what I’m more interested in is your thoughts about getting a paralegal degree these days – is graduating and getting a job in the legal field really just wishful thinking?

Source:  The Huffington Post

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