Ken Winters, owner of Staffback, a corporate recruiting firm in Santa Cruz, California, has some good advice for job seekers:  get out of the house.  He recommends spending at least one-third of your job-seeking time volunteering and making personal connections, and using the rest of your time to look for jobs online and to network electronically via LinkedIn.

Court-reporting student Kaila Tabasz is taking Winters’ advice, volunteering at Hope’s Closet, a non-profit organization that provides foster children with gently used clothing, while looking for a job.  According to her LinkedIn profile, she also has a paralegal certificate and experience working in law offices.

Winters shares other good job-seeking tips in the Santa Cruz Sentinel’s helpful article, and highly recommends using LinkedIn, His recommendation of the online professional network, currently in use by over 120 million professionals, reminds me that I still discover many legal professionals, lawyers and paralegals alike, who do not use LinkedIn at all, not even publishing the most basic profile with just a name, job title, and current employer.

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? It’s one of the best free investments you can make right now for your professional future.

Source:  Santa Cruz Sentinel

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