If you’re going to be a career fashion blogger, you have to share pics of yourself. Duh. But I’m not young, photogenic, or especially cute. But I am middle-aged, fuzzy-haired, and more than a little interested in fashion, especially work wear that’s classic but not boring.

I’m not a clothes horse, and I don’t have much of a clothes budget, but I think choosing the right wardrobe for your body and your job can boost both your confidence and your professionalism. Besides, if I’m being really honest, sometimes it’s just fun being a girl and dressing up.

I’m still thinking about starting a separate career fashion blog called something like Real Women Have Wrinkles, but that means making a commitment to taking my own picture a lot more than I’m currently comfortable with.  But you have to start somewhere, so let’s go with my feet, and my current fave shoes for the office:

Yup, that’s an ankle bracelet.

These pointy faux croc-o-hides cost $12 from a local thrift store and had what looked like little to no wear on the soles. One of my supervising attorneys, who wears the same size shoes, said we’d likely have gotten into a rumble in the store if we’d spied them at the same time. They also look awesome with slacks and trouser jeans.

I know some of you have dress codes that prevent ankle bracelets at the office, but I’ve been wearing this one during warm weather (but of course not to court or court-related activities) for about 10 years, and my boss of 17-plus years just noticed it the other day for the first time.

I’m always sad when fall rolls around, and I have to give up the ankle bracelet and turn to pantyhose for warmth.

What’s your favorite funky accessory?

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