I know my anti-Republican friends will be thrilled by the Las Vegas Sun news headline, “Republicans file wrong expert report in redistricting case.”

But if you read the story in full, it sounds like the Republicans would like the headline to read “Legal secretary files wrong expert report in redistricting case.”

Mark Hutchinson, lawyer for the Nevada Republican Party, said his legal secretary filed the wrong expert report with the court. He told the Las Vegas Sun, “She just had it on her computer and she filed the wrong report.”

No doubt it is a very serious mistake to select the wrong document to attach to a court filing, but I just want to emphasize what I think is a more important sentence in this article:  “The court document submitting the mistaken report was signed by his associate Jacob Reynolds.” [emphasis added]

Legal staffers can’t practice law, and they work under the supervision of attorneys, who are ultimately responsible for reviewing and then signing off on any documents they prepare or draft.

Reynolds had the final responsibility to make sure the document he signed and all its attachments were correct. So I’d like to see the headline read, “Lawyer files wrong expert report in redistricting case.”

Just sayin’.

Readers, what say you?

Source:  Las Vegas Sun

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