Even if you don’t read the full article at Food Curated, “The Perfect Bite: A Competitive Home Cook, 150 Cod Tongues & A Passion for New Nordic Cuisine,” the accompanying video is a great interview of New York legal assistant and successful competitive home cook, Erin Evenson:

This video is fascinating in no small part because she demonstrates a recipe called “Crispy Cod Tongues and Cheeks”, which she also refers to as “Tongue in Cheek Balls”.  Erin says this is not as gross as we think.

I never even thought about cods having tongues, much less ones the length of these. Awesome.

The recipe did start out kind of uber-gross-looking (at least to me), but as she proceeds it starts looking a great deal more promising, and in fact, I found myself craving a taste of the final and stunningly gorgeous product and “perfect bite”.

This weekend Erin is competing in the Food Experiments National Championship in Brooklyn, and scored 150 Atlantic cod tongues to use for the event. This sounds like a feat of epic proportions that a legal assistant could do with her hands tied behind her back.

Erin calls herself a “food dork,” but I would love to eat at her house. Bring on the cod tongues!

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