Florida legal assistant Rebecca Jones, employed by attorney Rachael Greene in St. Augustine, discovered that one of her modeling photos is the cover of Jane Porter’s latest novel, She’s Gone Country, by accident, after her photographer stumbled across the book while browsing in a Barnes and Noble store.

What makes the choice of her photo even more remarkable is that the book is about a model who leaves New York City to move back to her family’s ranch in Texas, and Jones is a model who lives with her husband in a small town, Hastings, on a third-generation potato farm.

Porter was so excited by the similarities between her protagonist and her cover model, that she interviewed Jones for her blog, where you can read more about her modeling career. You can also see the lovely (and tall) Jones’ online portfolio at Model Mayhem, including magazine covers where she’s been featured.

Congrats to Jones! Practical Paralegalism wishes her the best of success in both her legal and modeling career.

Sources:  The St. Augustine Record; JaneBlog; Model Mayhem

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