God, I hope no one has stolen my prospective career fashion dressing blog name, Real Women Have Wrinkles. Not to worry, tho’, I’m pretty sure I can come up with something else equally apropos, that includes the words hot flashes and/or bifocals.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that most of the career fashion bloggers I follow (other than being way younger than me) had to start somewhere, and occasionally they poke a little fun at their first efforts. So I’m going to just put my first effort out there, and share what I have learned so far:

  • Your husband won’t tell you if your clothes are smooth or not;
  • He’ll happily take pictures but get you confused with the family dog until he’s had a cup of coffee;
  • Much like painting, it takes a 1,000 pictures to get one great one, but I don’t have that kind of time before work; 
  • If you put your hair in a Bam-Bam ponytail at night because you wake up at 3 a.m. sweating like the proverbial pig, you will have huge puffy hair all day;
  • Great lighting and photo editing software are essential (note to self: get some); and
  • This all looked better in person than on camera.

Thifted shoes, Merona jeans, Eddie Bauer blazer, Calvin Klein tee, Forever 21 necklace

No, I can’t afford to shop at Eddie Bauer, and have actually only been in there once with The Teen to look at a scarf, but scored this versatile stretchy jacket for less than $20 off the clearance rack.

Forever 21 is an awesome source of very inexpensive costume jewelry for the office. I couldn’t find the same necklace online, but this one is close and I love it:

Teardrop Bead Necklace $6.80 (Forever 21)

Are you allowed to wear denim to the office?

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