You guys remember in last week’s recommended reading that I was really impressed by Angeline at The New Professional’s use of a small chain to hook together several doubled strands of separate pearl necklaces?  You don’t? Well, I didn’t forget. I ‘ve been dying to try it, and I did today.

I received lots of compliments on my necklace – and several surprised faces when I showed admirers how it’s done. Basically, I took five separate long sets of beads that were pretty meh individually and never worn (and destined for the GoodWill junk jewelry pile), put them together, double-looped them, and secured the ends of the loop with a 16″ chain.

I added the golden glow of happiness.

Ann Taylor skirt (thrifted), Banana Republic button down, Bandolino flats, Kohl’s cardi, Recycled chains

The last time I wore a button down shirt was 1981, the year I graduated from a fairly conservative high school. Seriously. Almost everyone was preppy and owned button downs in white, pink and blue (at least). I never thought I’d wear one again, just on general principle, but this one was seriously on sale from Banana Republic. Now I realize it would make dressing for work so much easier if I could just wear it every day.

Things you cannot tell from this pic:  I washed that gray right outta my hair yesterday, but had to rip out the two resistant gray hairs shaped like hooks that look kind of like television antennas (if you’re old enough to remember those). I also went outside in hot rollers this morning to walk the dogs, due to an alarm clock fail, and now all my neighbors are probably thinkin’ what a class act I am. Um, right.

Do you ever wear or combine two or more different necklaces together for work?

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