I dunno about most underrated, but maybe most under appreciated at times?

Anyway, Forbes says paralegal is numero uno on CareerCast.com’s new list of “Most Underrated Jobs of 2011,” followed closely by accountant, loan officer, market research analyst, and software engineer.

Is it good to be underrated? According to CareerCast.com it’s great:

This year, with unemployment persistently high and pressure on politicians to improve the jobs picture, Tony Lee, CareerCast’s publisher, says he and his team figured it was time to tap its vast data pool and release a list of jobs that may be unglamorous but that have better than average employment rates and incomes. While they don’t pay the six- or seven-figure compensation of hedge fund managers or heart surgeons, these underrated jobs allow workers to enjoy a decent standard of living and a relatively bright employment outlook. “We tried to come up with a list that’s relevant to most working people,” says Lee.

So we don’t get no respect and we’re not glamorous, but we’ve got a relatively bright employment outlook?  In this tough economy, I’ll take it.

You can get a mug that says this at CafePress. But at least we’re employed.

Sources:  Forbes; CareerCast.com

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