It’s that tough time of year when I waffle between reluctantly pulling on that first pair of pantyhose for fall, or sticking it out a little longer (with the ankle bracelet). I also wanted a chance to wear this Steinmart Evan-Picone dress, scored for a whopping $13 bucks off a clearance rack (possibly because it’s silky and maybe a little weird but I love the colors) and using a coupon, before the air turned too chilly. (There may be no fire on the deadline to wear those summer dresses in the South; my bifocals steamed up when I stepped outside last night.)

Evan-Picone dress, Bandolino flats, Ross wide belt ($6.99!), Loft cardi (clearance)

You know what I said about it taking 1,000 pictures to get one really great one? This is number 9, folks.

Those Bandolino flats have a story. Peeps ask me where I got them, and I say “Hamricks!

Then there’s an awkward pause, and peeps in the know say, “Um, isn’t that where local seniors score polyester pantsuits?”

I’m like, “Yeah, but their shoe selection is awesome, and I never had so much fun shoe shopping in my life with four other customers who reminded me of my grandmothers. They were all that and a bag of chips! Between us, we egged each other on and tried on all the dress shoes in the store, with lots of honest but sweet feedback.”

They also convinced me to pay more for these flats than I usually pay for shoes, but I have worn them everywhere, so it just goes to show you really should respect – and listen to – your elders.

Have you got a limit on what you’ll spend on a pair of shoes?

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