I know, how cool is that? The sluttiest blogger award, I mean. There are so many places I could go with this post, but I’m going to stick with general admiration – plus a warning about the possibilities of getting fired for red-hot sex-blogging.

A year ago, Vanessa Pinto a/k/a Fleur De Lis, had the nation’s most underrated job at a San Francisco law firm.

But when she wasn’t at work, she was writing a new personal alt-sex blog about her exploration of San Francisco’s sex scene, and after only a single month of blogging, in September 2010 was named “Sluttiest Blogger” by the San Francisco Guardian.

Pinto via FleurdelisSF (NSFW, peeps! Wait ’til you get home!)

But Pinto’s supervising attorney wasn’t so keen on her recognition as a sex blogger:

Shortly after the release of the Guardian story, Pinto’s boss called her into his office. “He asked me to take a seat, and said, ‘I found out about your blog, and I’m really happy you have a great sex life. The pictures are great,'” she recalled. “And then he said, ‘Now here is your last check; please give me your keys.'”

After the initial shock, Pinto decided to take a sexual sabbatical, continuing to blog about “every sexual experience” and even writing a book scheduled for release in 2012. To celebrate the end of her sabbatical, she threw a wildly successful party that turned into a 12 act sold out variety show, a Sexy Circus.

Now she’s headed on a world tour, determined “to educate people to embrace sex and sexuality…[and] accept who they are…”  She’s also hoping that maybe her message that “it’s okay to be a slut” will help others from getting fired.

I’m not sure that’s absolutely correct in the uptight real world, but I agree it’s absolutely nobody’s business what kind of girl or boy you are when you’re not at work. However, blogging about it could have adverse consequences for your day job, especially in a conservative legal or corporate environment. It could result in the loss of the ability to pay your rent and buy groceries if you’re not so talented that you get a book contract and throw a party that peeps will pay to attend.

Hats off to Pinto for finding a job and a mission she loves, but for the rest of us working schmucks, the Internet is forever, and you need to find out what your employer’s social media policies are – and understand your own career goals – before you start that risque personal website.

Source:  Huffington Post

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