On Oct. 10, the nation will get to see Beardmore shmooze 1963 Playboy Bunnies at 10 p.m. on NBC. Beardmore will play Roger Anderson, a “legal assistant” to the show’s male lead — lawyer Nick Dalton (played by Eddie Cibrian). ~ Excerpt from “Central Catholic Grad heads to NBC drama ‘Playboy Club'” (Journal and Courier)

Y’all know how much I love unnecessary quotation marks. Or maybe these are necessary. If so, what is “legal assistant” code for? Maybe in a television series about the early years of the Playboy Club, we don’t want to know.

According to the article, Beardmore is supposed to be a  “mousy” character. Here’s his pic:

Tommy Beardmore, the “mousy” “legal assistant” “Roger”

I dunno ’bout mousy. I’d go with adorable.

Someone please watch this and tell me what “legal assistant” means.

Source:  Journal and Courier

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