Seriously, I truly appreciate all my favorite career fashion bloggers’ great cameras, photogenic genes, and super photos, because getting one good picture is so much harder than it looks. I wasn’t even going to share this picture until I tinkered with a filter on my iPhone Camera+ app, and suddenly the berries from my prized Pyracantha bush (I raised it from a baby) looked like gorgeous Halloween lights (my fave holiday).

Obviously, I had to share the picture. Only I should have taken a second picture of just the dress, because as soon as I sat down at my desk, I overheated like a tea kettle boiling over, and had to shed the sweater and the belt.

Then people kept saying, “You are so dressed up today!” I felt kind of guilty, because this Jones New York dress from Ross Dress for Less is really a nightgown with darts and a lining. So comfy. And machine washable.

Jones New York dress (Ross), August Silk cardi (Marshalls), Mad Men pearls (Banana Republic), Belt (swiped from Forever 21 boyfriend sweater), Candie’s Mary Janes (Kohl’s)

No, nothing I’m wearing came from Kmart, but that Pyracantha bush started out as a $5 stick from a Kmart dead plant end of season sale.

If I tell you how many pairs of different Mary Jane style heels I own, I’ll have to kill you. How many pairs do you own?

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