Y’all remember when I brought th’ iPad home like a stray puppy, and told Dear Hubby I needed it to study for the NALA CP/CLA exam? He didn’t believe it, either. But I do!

Seriously, last year I downloaded the Cramberry flash card iPad app to make study cards, and the first steps this week to re-focus my exam preparation were: 1) try to remember my user name and password for the Cramberry account; and 2) express shock and outrage when I discovered that Cramberry now wants $9 a year in order to study more than 30 cards a day!

I know, crazy eyes…

$9! That’s like a whole outfit at the thrift store!

Well, I’m here to tell you now, I’m not paying to make online flash cards. So I checked out my other cheapskate free options, and downloaded the free StudyBlue Flashcards iPhone app. (Studying for the NALA exam will be a better use of my iPhone than taking pics of myself while sitting in the car waiting for teenagers at after-school activities.)

This app does require users to sign up for a free StudyBlue.com account, which would have taken only 15 seconds, if I hadn’t got hung up on the question about what school I’m attending. “The School of Life” wasn’t an option.

STUDYBLUE Flashcards

But once I evaded skipped that question, my account was up, and my first helpful study tip, “You type faster than you write,” (very true) popped up (along with a pop-up ad for the Swiffer WetJet which made me feel kinda bad about my un-mopped kitchen floor but did not distract me from my study goals).

I made a new folder called NALA-Communications, located the CLA/CP Study Guide and Mock Examination, Third Edition I’d thrown in a corner after taking the first mock exam and learning I have no communication skills, and hugged my cute li’l The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition well…because it is so darned cute.

Now I’m off to enjoy the sweet little grammar guide, and make study cards with my iPad. Because that’s what I bought it for.

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