I’ve received so much advice about preparing for NALA’s CP/CLA exam that my head might explode before I ever have a chance to take it, but I also hear a lot of complaints about the staggering cost of the study materials.

I reminded a friend that several of the recommended books can be purchased by individual eChapters, kind of like a Kmart layaway plan.

Since I’m starting the Communications section that initially robbed me of all self-esteem humbled me, I purchased eChapter 1 of the Certified Paralegal Review Manual: A Practical Guide to CP Exam Preparation, 3rd Edition for $8.99 (total with tax $9.60). The Table of Contents and the Introduction are free.

CengageBrain.com did ask me what school I attend. What’s up with the focus on school? Can’t a gal just like to read non-fiction? Again, “The School of Life” is not acceptable.

There goes the $9 I saved by not using the Cramberry flash card app.

I’m also studying “the little book,” The Elements of Style, a few pages at a time. It’s an eye-opener. I suggest that everyone read it, if you haven’t in a while (or ever). The Grammar Police are extremely picky.

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