[To become a computer expert,] I have always recommended that the reader go to the bookstore and pick up as many computer magazines as they can find, read them from cover to cover, and then repeat.~ Rick Georges (FutureLawyer)

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I hear so many paralegals express fear of new technologies that I find myself acting as a sort of cheerleader to encourage those with real or perceived tech-phobia to explore their inner geek. I’ve been using Rick’s advice when I give CLE presentations about how to keep up with new technology, except I call it the Rinse and Repeat method of becoming, if not a computer expert, at least a little more tech-savvy.

I like to joke that when I first started my subscription to PCWorld (after I’d occasionally grab an issue from the local drugstore), I dreaded seeing the magazine in my mailbox, and was so clueless as to most of the technical terms, I sometimes wondered if I was reading the magazine upside-down. I never thought I’d see the day when I liked it as much as my People Magazine subscription, but it happened.

So grab a couple (or only one if it’s just too overwhelming to consider) of this month’s computer magazines from your local drugstore or bookstore, read ’em all the way through even if you think you’d have better luck translating Urdu, and then do it all over again next month.

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