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Hard drive crashes, software failure, and user errors strike fear into the heart of any legal professional who’s ever been responsible for trial technology. Law Technology News recently published an excellent feature article about how to prevent – and handle – courtroom snafus. 
I recommend that paralegals and paralegal students read the article in full and then save it for future reference (Evernote is great for this purpose), but here are seven useful trial technology tips I am highlighting from the article:
  1. Bring backup computer, hard drive, software, e-data.
  2. Use a checklist for needed technology items.
  3. Bring replacement batteries.
  4. Give advance notice of planned technology usage to the court.
  5. Handle technology mistakes during trial calmly and professionally.
  6. Know your technology – or have someone with you that does.
  7. Practice before the trial.
The article also includes several litigation technologies paralegals should be aware of, even if they have not had the opportunity to use them yet, including: Cacheback (forensic Net analysis tool), TrialDirector (trial presentation software), Summation (litigation support manager), and LoadFile Pro (image conversion software).

Also, paralegals might enjoy these court technology blogs from experts referenced in the article:  Hot Coffee by Dr. Amy Singer of Trial Consultants, Inc., and Court Technology and Trial Presentation Blawg by Ted Brooks of Litigation Tech.

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