Nice boys do not email their baby mama’s naughty bits.

This post involves a legal assistant, a woman trying to communicate with her law firm in a custody dispute involving her 19-year old baby daddy (who is not the brightest bulb in the planter), and porn.

Okay, allegedly emailed porn, but don’t say you weren’t warned.

As a longtime paralegal for a plaintiffs’ civil litigation firm, my email inbox is sometimes no picnic, but at least I’ve never been surprised by an eyeful of private lady parts while reading email during the course of my job duties.

But The Lufkin News recently reported that a hapless Texas legal assistant allegedly received “five nude and explicit photographs,” seemingly emailed from a client. This client was the baby mama of the aforesaid dumbass man, and the pics were of her naughty bits.

Ay, caramba! Talk about receiving too much information from a client!

Sad story short, the baby mama of the deadbeat loser individual with very poor judgment was communicating via email with the legal assistant, regarding service of custody paperwork on her baby daddy. But it appears that this fine fellow wanted to stop that train in its tracks, and under the guise of her email address, asked the law firm to drop her case.

The law firm was happy to comply with mom’s purported request to “forget that it even existed,” the custody dispute, dontcha know. Perhaps if he’d stopped here, he’d be in only slightly less trouble with the law.

Apparently, he still wanted to punish his baby mama for pursuing the custody issues, so he allegedly sent NSFW pics, including uber-racy photos intended for her boyfriend’s eyes only, to the legal assistant from her email address. (The pics were supposedly obtained from the baby mama’s Facebook account. We’ll talk about why you don’t want to send nude pictures of yourself to anyone via Facebook later, no matter how much you like them.)

This kind of seems like punishing the legal assistant a great deal more than his baby mama, but you tell me if I’m way off base here.

Anyhoo, as of October 15, 2011, the dude was being held without bond in jail, charged with emailing nude pictures and interfering in a custody dispute.

To the unidentified legal assistant, bless your heart. But I know you’re getting the last laugh.

Source:  The Lufkin News

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