Donna Olson
Job Title: Paralegal
Employer: Ramsay Law Firm, P.A., Charlotte, NC
Years of Paralegal Experience: 11
Education/Degrees: Associate degree – Paralegal Studies, Harper College, Palatine, IL
Specialty Areas: Workers’ Compensation/Personal Injury
Career Highlight: I attended a CLE seminar by the North Carolina Bar Association in December 2009, “Workers’ Compensation, A Method to the Madness,” and met Tracey Weaver, the former Executive Secretary of the NC Industrial Commission.  I walked up to her to introduce myself and when she saw my name tag, she said, “Oh I know you.”  I was like what?  OMG the Executive Secretary knows my name!  I was so impressed.  I also got to meet my mentor, Lynne DeVenny, who did an amazing presentation on medical records….:-)

Paralegal Practice Tip: Document, Document, Document…and then Document again!  Develop a close personal relationship with your calendaring software and the notes section of your case management software.  I cannot tell you how many times these two things have saved my neck!
Favorite Internet Resources for Work: and  I cannot begin to tell you have much I have learned from these two list servs and the willingness of the professionals to share.  They have been completely invaluable!
Favorite Legal Software: We use Time Matters by LexisNexis,
Favorite Social Media Site: I use every social media product I can find.  You just never know where your next piece of useful information, potential job lead, or friend is going to come from!
One Gadget You Can’t Live Without:  The coffee pot!
Favorite Quote: “You’re kidding me?”
Paralegal/Legal Association Memberships: North Carolina Bar Association Paralegal Division,, and working on joining a few others!

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