Yesterday was a dark and stormy day (this is critical because I did NOT pee on the porch in this picture), and I had appointments outside of the office. We are allowed to wear jeans to work (but not to court-related activities, of course), so it seemed like an excellent day to wear my favorite Merona trouser jeans and my Anthropologie grandma jacket, which you’ll recall I had to crawl on my hands and knees to purchase. It might be one of the most expensive items I own ($40!) but it goes with everything.

Anthropologie jacket (clearance); Merona jeans (Target); Tee ($6 – Burlington Coat Outlet); Booties (Ross)

The lining is so beautiful, I’m tempted to wear it inside out.

New hair means new earrings, right? (Steinmart glass earrings, @$6 with coupon)

A great jacket can really dress up a pair of jeans.

Are you allowed to wear jeans to work?

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