Friday was a half day at work, with perhaps three peeps (or maybe two and a half if you count me) scheduled to be at the office. It was also chilly, so it was time for me to get mummified wrapped up.

Dear Hubby took me to lunch, and the waitress asked me I was wearing one of those new one-loop scarves. I replied that I was wearing an old scarf with a handy-dandy safety pin in back to create the one-loop scarf effect, and she was impressed, but she also said, “You can buy them like that, you know.”

I know.

Scarf (gift); Calvin Klein Jeans Blouse (Steinmart clearance @$10); Elle Jeans (Kohl’s clearance @$10); Saks Fifth Avenue flats ($50)

I did spend more than I usually do on these flats (normally $150 and I can’t find them online) at the Saks outlet; I wish could wear them every day.

Don’t leave home without a safety pin 🙂

I replaced the dark hematite earrings with the bright silver ones to attend my daughter’s school play that night, and also substituted my Forever 21 skinny jeans ($2.50 thrifted!) and short black boots.

Hematite earrings made by a friend; Nine West dangles from a 3-pack of earrings at Kohl’s

You got one of them newfangled one-loop scarves yet? If you don’t, not to worry. You can make one out of your existing scarves with a safety pin!

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