I blog for paralegals, legal assistants, legal secretaries, legal staffers by any other name, paralegals students and educators – and the attorneys who want to get to know us better. I try to share information they might helpful for professional development, or just a much needed laugh during a hectic week working for lawyers. Once a week (or less often when Life happens), I share links to a half dozen or so articles focusing on legal news and humor, professionalism and career dressing, and practice tips and technology.

I also share links of interest, paralegal practice tips, and the daily minutiae of a paralegal and mom to teens and dogs at Practical Paralegalism’s Facebook page and via my Twitter feed, @ExpertParalegal.

Ever had the urge to grab the balloons out of the cage at the dollar store, run outside, and set them all free? No? Really? (Taken with my Camera+ iPhone app)
This Week’s Links:

Study Plan for the Certified Paralegal Exam (Atlanta Paralegal Services) ~ Freelance paralegal Misty Sheffield dedicated this post to me, which I very much appreciate. See also More on CLA/CP Exam.

Adobe Reader for iPad and iPhone is Available (Acrobat for Legal Professionals) ~Yay!

The Most Popular Software Downloads Ever! (digital inspiration) ~  The list from 1996 is really interesting.

Reader Request: Dressing Like a Boss (Already Pretty) ~ Great tips for dressing like the superstar paralegal you are (or for an interview), even in the most conservative law firms.

Five Suits Under $200 (Lawyerist.com) ~ For the sharp-dressed male paralegal.

RWAR’s Thrift Tips: Before You Thrift (clothed much) ~ Obviously, I have no aversion to wearing other people’s clothes. Send yours. I wear size 6!  See also RWAR’S Thrift Tips: After You Thrift (shoe-sanitizing for lazy folk!) Even lazier folk just put them on and go, not that I personally know any folk like that.

Weatherproof (The New Professional) ~ I want Angeline’s boots.

The Casual One (clothed much) ~ I’m a big fan of the partial tuck, and Elaine’s $5 vintage skirt.

Stylish, Functional Computer Bag for Women (Legal iPad) ~ Attorney and author Nicole Black has found a computer bag that I covet with all my heart.

Win the Multi-Look Titanium Necklace (Kendi Everyday) ~ Hurry and enter the contest by October 23. The jewelry is really beautiful and quite affordable. With newly shorn hair, I’m all about the earrings right now, so I picked these:

Grecian Dancers w/ Pearl ~ $25.00 (Coquese)

Fasheners Giveaway – A Revolutionary Fashion Fix-It for Wardrobe Malfunctions (Classy Career Girl) ~ These look awesome. Now I feel stupid posting about my trusty safety pin.

Carissa Rose Giveway (Employed Panache) ~ Enter to win the terrific Katerina Dress.

Etsy! Here I come! (Perfectly Polished, Almost.) ~ Paralegal student Emily has opened a new Etsy shop, Anonyminality, and invites you to check it out. I love her Live-Laugh-Love Paper Mache Heart Wall Hanging:

Paper Mache Heart Wall Hanging ~ $15 (Anonyminality Shop – Etsy)

Stuff that caught Practical Paralegalism’s eye this time last year (like a magpie with Christmas tinsel):

Shy Legal Secretary Comes Out of Her Shell on The X Factor
Should a Legal Staffer Be Required to Wear High Heels?
Buy the Constellation for only 27k
If I’d Known It Was Boss’s Day, I Would’ve Baked You a Cake
Would Ya Like Fries with That?

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